We do not accept unso­licited submissions.

Please do not send us unso­licited sub­mis­sions. Any unso­licited sub­mis­sions sent to Stray­light Pub­lish­ing will be returned or destroyed upon receipt. We won’t read them or write you back. We won’t call or send you flow­ers either.

But we do respond to query letters.

If you think we might be inter­ested in pub­lish­ing some­thing you’ve writ­ten or want to write, send us a for­mal query let­ter or email. We try to respond to queries within ten busi­ness days of receipt, so please be patient. Send emails to with “Query let­ter” in the sub­ject line. Send phys­i­cal mail, if that’s your thing, to this address:

Stray­light Pub­lish­ing, L.L.C.
P.O. Box 1305
Chal­mette, LA 70044

And here’s what you write.

Writ­ing a query let­ter is easy. We just need to know a few impor­tant things:

  • What’s your piece about?
  • How long is it? Word count is best.
  • Who are you? Tell us a lit­tle bit about yourself.
  • Have you ever been pub­lished before? Where? When? What topics?
  • Who is the audi­ence for your work?
  • How do we con­tact you to reply?

If you have a topic out­line or a table of con­tents, feel free to send that along as well.

Do not send any part of the man­u­script with your letter.

Seri­ously, re-read the first sec­tion above. If we receive all or some of a man­u­script with­out ask­ing for it, we won’t look at it. We’re just going to send it back to you or destroy it. You don’t want your work treated like that, do you?

We’re a legal pub­lisher, and that’s what we do best.

Stray­light Pub­lish­ing spe­cial­izes in pub­lish­ing books about the law. We’re espe­cially fond of Louisiana law. Those are the top­ics we know, love, and pub­lish. If you send us a query let­ter for your book on another topic, we’ll cer­tainly con­sider it. But keep in mind that if it falls too far out­side our core com­pe­tency, we may reject your idea just because we’re not the right peo­ple to pub­lish it. Sorry, it’s not you; it’s us.