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Pro­fes­sor Wal­ter Block’s new book, Legal­ize Black­mail, col­lects a life­time of his schol­arly arti­cles about black­mail in which he exam­ines the legal and eco­nomic under­pin­nings of black­mail, traces its his­tor­i­cal roots, and presents a lib­er­tar­ian frame­work for think­ing about black­mail and its place in the law. Along the way, he con­fronts the the­o­ries of black­mail put for­ward by many other dis­tin­guished schol­ars, includ­ing Richard Pos­ner, Robert Noz­ick, and Richard Epstein.

Praise for Legal­ize Black­mail:
“Pro­fes­sor Wal­ter Block always makes us think, with his smack downs of con­ven­tional wis­dom, and his cool lib­er­tar­ian logic of lib­erty. This impor­tant work is no excep­tion.“
Lew Rock­well,

Wal­ter Block is the Grand Provo­ca­teur of lib­er­tar­i­an­ism. These essays on black­mail present him at his dar­ing, irre­press­ible, and inspir­ing best. Block starts with first prin­ci­ples and fol­lows them, care­fully and con­sis­tently, wher­ever they go – often end­ing with star­tling con­clu­sions.”
Peter Klein, Asso­ciate Pro­fes­sor of Applied Social Sci­ences & Direc­tor,
McQuinn Cen­ter for Entre­pre­neur­ial Lead­er­ship at the Uni­ver­sity of Missouri

You will really like this book; I cer­tainly did. It debunks what most peo­ple think they know about black­mail, of course. But, more impor­tant, it opens up a new, but very ratio­nal, way of think­ing that will be wholly new to most peo­ple. The mate­r­ial Wal­ter Block cov­ers here will serve you well, every­where from a cock­tail party to a court­room.“
Doug Casey, Founder, Casey Research

If you want to under­stand the lib­er­tar­ian posi­tion on black­mail, read this book. If you’ve taken it for granted that we need laws against black­mail, Wal­ter Block will chal­lenge your assump­tions with provoca­tive argu­ments you’ll find dif­fi­cult to refute.”

Jacob Hue­bert, attor­ney and author, Lib­er­tar­i­an­ism Today