About Us

We make beau​ti​ful books.

That’s our pas​sion. That’s why Stray​light Pub​lish​ing exists: to bring you up-to-date, rel­e­vant infor​ma​tion in the best pos​si​ble pre​sen​ta​tion. When we design a new book, we con​sider every avail​able medium to deter​mine what works best for that book. What are we mak​ing today? A hard​cover? An inter​ac​tive, tablet-only edi​tion? Both? It depends on the book.

Sim​ple is good.

Mak​ing sim​ple look effort​less is even bet​ter. But the best design is invis​i​ble. It gets out of the way of the con​tent and lets the reader expe​ri​ence the words on the page with​out hav­ing to spare any atten​tion for the book itself. Our job is to get the words from the page into your brain with as lit​tle effort as pos­si­ble. After all, you’re not read​ing the book to admire its margins.

Good design goes deep.

Design isn’t a veneer to be slapped on just before a prod​uct gets pushed out the door. Our design process starts the day we decide to pub​lish a book. We work hand-in-hand with our authors to orga​nize and edit con​tent in a way that fits the end prod​uct. Then we build the book on that solid foun​da​tion, one page at a time.

Only the best will do.

The best design reflects the soul of a prod​uct, so only the best con​tent can sup​port the best design. We work with the lead​ing authors in a given field to bring our read​ers the accu​rate, cur​rent infor​ma​tion they need. And our all-digital pro​duc​tion process lets us react to new devel​op​ments quickly and revise our books more eas​ily and more rapidly than some other publishers.